Valbonne, between sea and mountain


Nested in the heart of an exceptional setting between the Antibes peninsular and the ski resort at Gréolières-les-neiges.
Valbonne marks the contrast with Sophia Antipolis and it’s high-tech atmosphere which is the most important technopolis of France and Europe!Discovering this place is being seduced by it’s rare authenticity.Valbonne has become the favorite place of Sophia's expats.

When I discovered this place, we’re standing on this magnificent square when the customer explains to me that it’s all thanks to the movie ' une Grande année ' why he wanted to invest in  this project.It is therefore with plenty off emotions and respect for the life in the South when I launched myself into the conception of this project.

Objectives - concept
Rearrange the building in this symbolic place containing 3 apartments and 1 conciergerie on the ground floor.Mixture of authenticity and discreet technology. Recipe : contemporary touch + reveal the strength of the building + reinvent the authenticity.
    -- photos des matériaux et inspirations

Restraints – A force

The central part provides access to three apartments. It’s position required us to find a way to convert a restraint into a strength.It will be the heart of the project: a glass cage on 4 levels containing a spiral staircase; the ceiling is a mirror and we get lost in its depth. Eyecatcher – a work of art to be lived.

Project Phase

Under construction