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Coal, the oil of the depths




Reorganize an existing building in a 4-star hotel with a real increase in value for the region.Create more than a stay in the hotel, to allow short term travellers to escape reality and have there head in the clouds. The hotel is a destination; were we take refuge within a surprising sensory environment between history and contemporary vision.


  •     Develop an existing building by taking its structure into consideration and limiting big transformations.

  •     Using the structure and the concept to create an adapted and unique course.        

The Concept

To become established in the environment and to less flow an almost natural internal force. The coal mining is the starting point.Every space, shape, line is going to establish a part off the course.

The main part of the work relies on 3 fundamental bases :

1 From the light to the heart
Obviously the mines are below the surface in the dark; the game between light and shade is omnipresent here.Purity of the design - elegance - environmental sound: to find the noise which footsteps make on the ground - various tones of black - Wall of lights: contemporary version of the wall of safety lamps - the reminder of materials such as the wood.

2 The Tunnel
Will become more than just a path, it is the nerve center.Takes into account the existing structure of the building with a long central corridor
The tunnel is the passage for the minors at the outside of the mine - it is a daily borrowed way. Here it becomes a compulsory passage; a dive into the past and the stroll of serenity.It becomes a sculpture of contemporary light inspired by the structures of the tunnels of collieries.Structured lines - openings of the tunnel on the outside – light effect by resuming the colors red and blue from the clothes of the minors. 
Dynamic space where relaxation, information and entertainment are mixed.

3 Private Areas
In the rooms we find objects, colors and materials which were a part of the everyday life of the minors. For example the bedside lamp is portable, the coatroom is a cable which we pull from the ceiling referring to the famous room of the hung. The blue stone floor in the bathroom which dressed formerly the partitions of the toilets of the Cazier woods. All in its elegance and subtlety.

Project phase.
Under construction