S E R E N I T Y . . .



Sea, sun, calmness…
what a wonderful feeling !

Here we are between Cannes and Nice in a magnificent domain sheltering an ancient country house.From the inner courtyard which will soon become a space covered with a completely mobile swimming pool, we have an incredible view on the sea. It is a place filled with surprises and with discoveries.

sketch cuisine.png

Concept - restraint

The internal design of the project is based on the requirements of the customers, their desires according to every space. It is a real team which we form here and each one brings it ‘s input.Whole evenings of brainstorming, exchanges, sharing.
And there are many different spaces to be discussed: office area and apartment, little cinema, children’s area, winter garden with swimming pool, wine cellar and its tasting, wellness, parental area, kitchen, living room, dining room;

The stake is to make of every space a different place filled with charm
while keeping unity in design for the whole project.


Project Phase

This project is in course of design/realization.
(I am very enthusiastic for the continuation;)