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Belfius Art Brussels

Edition 2017

Briefing : Present the essence of the belfius art collection with all generations of artists in a contemporary art fair : ART BRUSSELS @ Tour et Taxis* ( 
Create a contemporary atmosphere and make the link with all these generations and the contemporary collection

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The contemporary collection will be translate into wite monolite volumes that surprise people by they different heights and connections with the peripheric black wall that contains the other generation of artists - 
First the logo of Belfius is playing the art piece* being in the entrance deconstructed on different glasses in front of a ligting white wall- Than you enter under a red big box suspended above your head -like it will fall on you. Then through the white monoliths you discover beautiful art pieces- another point of view in each corner of the space. When you go further you enjoy a dynamic video created by Dirty Monitor especially for this occasion and the mirror boxes reflected the movie on the floor. At the end you are still surprised by other spaces like the black room.

For this project; i collaborate with Etienne van den Berg ICEBERG architecture studio, Action + Service and PRG



Edition 2018